Monday, January 03, 2000

Florida 1999 - Pennecamp

We drove out of the keys on the way home stopping at The dolphin research center in Marathon for L. but they were closed for New Years, and a beach there in marathon where the coral beach was more like walking on the moon. We stopped in Key Largo to go to the John Pennecamp Park. But all the campsites were full so we instead ended up sleeping in a Kmart parking lot that resembled more of a forest. The next day we were told that the wind was too strong to see the Christ of the abyss statue so instead we went to snorkel along the barrier reef. Now up until this point I had thought I had seen a lot of fish at the fort. I rate snorkeling over this reef as the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Unfortunately since it was windy, the pictures again came out muted. Again like at the fort the rangers said the best time to come was in the summer, I don't know if this is a ploy to get you to come in the off season or if it really is calmer, but getting to see this reef is worth the $25 boat ride. I also recommend renting the wet suits. They are a marvelous invention that allowed us to have no problems in the colder 68-degree water for over and hour and a half. 
Bubba the barracuda has become famous for following yourists around.
Yeah I know, the cannon was placed there.  It was still cool to see it while snorkeling.
After the snorkeling D. and I went on a bike ride on a wood trail they had built through a mangrove island, that was also interesting.

After this is where D. C. and L. and I split up. L. and I decided to scrap the rest of the trip (although I wish that I had seen the manatees with D. and C..) to go visit my brother in North Carolina.

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