Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cross Country 2007 - Meeting Up in Billings Montana

184 miles
In the morning I could not resist stopping at some of the geysers and mudpots and taking more pictures. I wasn't in to much a hurry since the ride to meet up with my friend was pretty short since he was just in Billings staying with his friend.
D.'s friend was from the Navajo tribe, worked for Indian Affairs and was helping out a friend that was living with her that was from the Crow tribe. In the next 24 hours D. and I learned what must have been the complete history of both the tribes and a lot of US history from a different point of view. We got the grand tour of Billings, learned the history of Bull riding at the rodeo stadium, and overlooked the whole city from the bluff. Apparently to try to avert a small-pox epidemic some indian warriors rode their horses off the local cliff to appease the gods.
The next morning it had rained very heavy and everything was wet. I took the lambskin seat off my motorcycle and we were on our way. Since this was really what I consider the real start of the trip the rain gave everything a that new feeling as we drove away.

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