Wednesday, April 04, 2001

China 2001 - Temple of Heaven

This is where the Emperor would hold his yearly ceremonies for different reasons. I really like the architecture here, it might have been because after the cultural overload that I was experiencing that this building was different. The many levels, the roundness, and the interesting play on sound really added to it all. There is the wall of echoes. If you face the wall and talk in a normal voice anyone also facing the wall will hear you. It didn’t work that well while we were there because some kids got the idea that if they could hear you talking what would happen when you yelled. There was also a platform, which if you where standing in the exact center your voice was amplified for only you. Even a foot out of the center would make it not work. It was the funniest thing seeing people talking so softly in the middle of the circle thinking they are yelling but the people they are talking to ignoring them since they can’t hear the speaker.

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