Friday, April 06, 2001

China 2001 - E3 Spy Plane

Boy it really brings it home that you are not in your country when the place that you are in gets in a stand off with your country. I don't know how big of a deal the E3 spy plane making an emergency landing was in the U.S. but since we were staying with people that worked at the embassy it was pretty interesting to see them say, “hey there's my boss,” when we were watching CNN. It is really strange to think that here are all the newspapers in china that are saying the same thing that we know are wrong, and how do we know? Because the papers we read say so.
The only difference being we could use to check other countries newspapers on the Internet.
It was a reality though when we went to the American embassy. There were twice the number of guards on the outside and a good number of reporters and cameramen waiting at the gate for anyone important to come out.

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