Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Burning Man 2009 - Wednesday

So in addition to the volunteer rangers and DPW (Dept. of public workers) that are there with the event the police forces I have seen include: Bureau of Land Management, National Park Rangers, County Sherifs from two different counties, FBI, and DEA. And yet drugs still seem to make their way around. I rode by one camp surrounded by black SUV’s yesterday and today there is a big empty spot on that block. I was offered plenty by other burners, and since I’m pretty naive I was even offered some stuff I have no idea what it was.
The way it works is the art cars. The rules go that if there is room then they have to offer you a ride. But they can only travel 5 miles per hour so they are also easy to catch up to. This means there is varying sized mobile parties constantly in motion all around you all blasting different music. If someone does not want to give rides they just build their art car for one. The system seems to work pretty well. When riding an art car you are at the mercy of where the driver is heading so I only rode them when I had no where in particular to go and was just more interested in meeting/talking to people.
I was actually surprised by the variety of music that I heard. Of course Burning Man is famous for its Techno, House, Rave, and Trance music. But I also heard bands such as Iron and Wine, Regina Spektor, and Ratatat. As far as genres go there was plenty of 70’s disco and 80’s alternative everywhere.

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