Friday, August 28, 2009

Burning Man 2009 - Shopping for supplies

After buying my ticket I scoured the Burning Man website ( They had a webpage devoted to first time people with a list of all the things that were required and recommended. I started a list of things I needed and added to it when I read other websites of people who had gone. Since you have to bring EVERYTHING with you and there is no way to hop over to the store while there I had this nagging desire to be complete. Since I was flying in my space was heavily constrained, everything with an asterisk was bought in Utah after the flight. This is what I brought with me and the reasons why.
2 chap-stick-dry air, need an extra if the first is lost.
bandanas-dust storms, need to cover mouth.
*batteries-made a list of everything I was bringing that needed batteries and had spares for them all.
wide brimmed straw hat-1st line of defense against the sun.
spare hat- high winds can take the first.
*bike-The city is five miles across and there is lots of places to go.
bike lights-out in the middle of the desert you don’t want to crash into someone at night.
*bike lock-mostly there are people to stoned or drunk to remember which is theirs.
bike repair kit
bike pump
*Spare bike tire
dust broom-dust gets in the tent, what am I saying dust gets everywhere.
bungee cords-used for keeping tarps from flapping in wind.
*cable ties-attach tab A to slot B.
*carpet-It is really nice to have somewhere to stand/sit that is not dusty.
*coat-It can get down to 40 degrees at night.
*Copy key-not cheap to get the car towed out.
compass-The wind blows in SSE. Pitch tent accordingly.
*foam pad-air mattresses hold in the days heat.
*duct tape-just because.
ear plugs-there is always music all around you.
*eye drops
*fire extinguisher
first aid kit
*folding chair-no reason to sit in the dirt
*Table- no reason to eat in the dirt either.
goggles-dust storms.
*Gatorade- Need to drink one a day.
GPS-A lot of art is out in the middle of nowhere.
*hand sanitizer-There is only porta-potties.
hiking boots-the dust is heavily alkaline and will cause cracking in sandals.
kite-Attach a camera and take arial shots.
leather gloves-Have in easy reach for setting up tent on arrival.
memory card-no reason to not take a picture
measuring tape-measure twice, pound stake once.
MRE's-way better then camp cooking, and notice no need for cooking utensils on the list.
Nail trimmers-dry air causes hang-nails.
Rain gear-It just might.
*parachute cord or extra rope.
pen & paper- take notes.
saline nasal spray
shade structure-Your best friend.
*socks (disposable)- a pair a day to avoid chaffing of dust.
*vaseline-spread on feet every night and cover with a new pair of socks.
*sun block-bring extra.
*tarp under tent
*tarp walls
ticket-seriously, remember to bring it.
*rebar stakes-The stakes your tent and shade structure came with are not good enough. The stakes need to be at least 12 inches long to deal with up to 70 miles per hour wind.
*mallet-You are pounding into baked earth
Sleeping Bag
*Toilet paper-in case porta-potties run out
*trash bags-no one else is going to clean up after you.
*unscented moist towelettes-to clean dust off.
vice grips-rebar stake removal.
warm hat
*Water-required 1 1/2 gallons a day. Recommended 2 gallons a day.
water bottle-and a strap to carry it by. Always have it on you.
*ziplock bags
*Large flat baking sheet-a way to evaporate water.
*Lighter-because you are camping.
*Pillow case a day for a nice clean pillow every night.

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