Monday, August 31, 2009

Burning Man 2009 - Monday

To get myself out of the funk, and since everyone else was still setting up camp I decided to see all the art since that was why I was here anyway. But first let me explain how the city is set up:
There are miles of dry lakebed where nothing normally lives. This huge alkaline flat area is known as “the playa”. The people who put on Burning Man rent 5 square miles from the bureau of land management and put up a perimeter called the trash fence (to catch fly away trash). In the middle there is a giant 60 foot statue of “The Man” with the city set up like a clock around it. Every half hour is a road radiating out from 2:00 to 10:00 ring roads are evenly spaced and are named with titles A-L. This year with the theme of evolution the road names were Adapt, Biology, Chaos, DNA, Extinct, Fossil, Genome, Hominid, Inherit, Jurassic, Kinship, and Lineage. The Temple is at 12:00 and Center Camp is at 6:00. Themed camps that were allowed to arrive early took up most of the inner ring and as people arrive they fill up each of the ring roads consecutively. Since I got there pretty early my address for the week was 8:15 and adapt.
With that being said there is a 1/2 mile radius circle around the man, and the space from 10:00 to 2:00 where no one is allowed to camp. This is mainly desert but also where people put art.
You can get the GPS coordinates of all the registered art but there seemed to be just as much art that was just placed there so I was just riding my bike from art piece to art piece looking at them all.
After looking at the art and taking a nice long bike ride I felt much better and was willing to go back and fix my sleeping situation.
I rolled out the carpet under the tent. Used one of the poles that hadn’t broke and propped up the tarp so that I could more easily get in and out of the tent and let more air pass through. I also set up the folding picnic table and chair so I could enjoy eating. By that time some other people had arrived that I could talk with so everything started to turn for the better. Everyone I talked to around me was at some point in the progression of asking themselves why they had agreed to come out here to the desert this year. The returning people all had different timelines on how long it took them to forget why they didn’t want to come out to the desert and return to Burning Man.

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