Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Scandinavia 2008 - Sea Ride Home

After leaving Tallinn we had two days at sea to get back to Dover. Up until now we only had one day at sea intervals and I had already seen everything on the ship so now it was an exercise in not getting bored or stir crazy.
L. was more that happy to read and take long naps. I read and finished the book I had brought with me and got caught up on these posts I was writing. Luckily there were calm seas so we did not have a repeat of the first day at sea. I enjoyed when I stayed up late hoping to see the Aurora Borealis and instead watched the evening glow shift from west to east as the sun reset. L. had convinced me that we should both get massages. I enjoyed going to the art auctions just to see the art and ended up bidding on a discount for a massage for the both of us.
Of course we had to try everything on the boat to say that we did it. We did play a game of bingo but I lost interest pretty fast. Shuffleboard was fun but I could not get the hang of the rocking ship and L. beat me handily. We tried the golf driving cage but having never golfed I was happy I could even get the ball to leave the platform. L. convinced me to play giant checkers and I enjoyed grabbing my pieces with my feet to truly jump her pieces but the deck was pretty wet and slippery so I didn’t try it to many times. We couldn’t find the basketball or tennis rackets so we never did get to play on those courts. And of course during the day I got in line with all the kids and went down the water slide. It was a little slow and I got stuck half way forcing me to use my legs to keep me moving the rest of the way down.
The last day of the cruise you simply packed up your luggage and left it outside your cabin. So we folded up our bikes that we had been storing next to our bed every night and put them back into their cases. We arrived back in Dover the next morning at 5AM. Our bill for the extra things we had bought on the ship was waiting by our door. We had our last breakfast and headed out. Our luggage was organized by the time you planned to get off the ship. We picked up our bags and got a taxi to take us to the train station. a 10 minute wait and we were on the train back to London.

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