Saturday, July 05, 2008

Scandinavia 2008 - Moments

Probably the best part of traveling is the little moments that just happen. They aren't planned yet they are usually what we remember the most.
-Being in a foreign land by myself.
-Walking the cross walk for Abbey Road.
-Catching myself responding with a British accent.
-Realizing that sight seeing by yourself is boring.

-Finally seeing my wife after 5 hours of waiting.
-Seeing the giant ship from across the bay.
-Walking 2 miles to the ship.

On the ship:
-Singing Karaoke
-Swimming in an pool in the middle of the ocean.
-Realizing at 12:30 in the night that the sun was not going down anymore than it was.
-Running down the narrow hallways during rough seas.
-Being refereed to as "The bike people".
-Going on stage to help with the magician's assistant.
-learning to juggle with my rolled up socks in the juggling class.
-Listening to techno music during breakfast.

-Getting lost trying to get off the ship with our bikes.
-Realizing in Christiana that if our bikes were stolen, I wasn't really sure there was anyone to go to.
-Just deciding that riding to all the interesting church spires was more interesting than the planned route.
-Riding a ride at an amusement park in another country.
-Getting bloated at Tivoli Gardens because we just had to try the local herring, sausage, ableskievers, and waffles.

-Being surprised by naked people on the beach.
-just riding our bikes without a care where we were headed.
-Climbing on the art in the park.
-Swimming in the Baltic Sea.
-Realizing how annoyingly convenient bike commuting is in Europe.

-Seeing a Volvo limo.
-Walking where Nobel prize winners have walked.
-Having lunch with "long lost family".
-Trying to ride back into town to buy a hat before the boat left and having my chain come off from the hard peddling.

-Walking the aisles of a foreign flea market and seeing identical clock to one we owned.
-Realizing we had just accidentally rode down the Prime Minister's driveway.
-Finding a house at the folk museum that even L. was to tall for.
-Eating reindeer stew.
-Watching newly-weds leaving the church in a bike taxi.

St. Petersburg:
-Reaching down and touching Russian soil while waiting in the visa line.
-Entering the Hermitage and climbing the stairs.
-Eating Borscht, than ordering it again the next day because it was so good.
-Being annoyed by "the ugly American" tourists in our tour group.
-Learning that one of the people got pick-pocketed in our tour group.
-Pulling L. away from the street vendors so we could catch the bus.
-Riding "the little green bus" with the dock workers.
-Walking into the middle of town based on my memory of the bus trip the previous day.
-L. pronouncing every sign she could read.
-Seeing the price difference between the local and tourist price.
-Avoiding the street vendors because L. decided she did not want to buy a box she had promised she would come back for.
-Taking the local bus tour because we were tired anyway.
-Watching the insanity of the people shopping on the ship because they never got visas.

-Riding across cobblestone street after street.
-Riding through the deserted streets of the upper town because we had beat the tour groups.
-Leaving a church in disgust because of the annoying tourist.
-Putting out the eternal flame trying to light our candle. (and quickly lighting it again from the flame of another candle.)
-Waiting forever for our lunch and not knowing what to do about it.
-Realizing we had rode to the wrong port and we had 15 minutes to ride 2 miles.

London again:
-Riding on the left side of the streets and bike paths.
-Watching a musical about New York City in London.
-Getting in an argument because we suddenly had so many choices for dinner.
-Seeing the "gay pride" flag waving at the church.
-Getting pulled aside by security at the airport because of a "grenade" in our bag.

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