Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scandinavia 2008 - London

I flew over to London before L. It was really weird being in another country by myself.
After riding on the subway in NYC so much, the “Underground” in London presented no problems. While the routes are a little more confusing there are no express stops to deal with. I hate to say it but the tube in London is a lot cleaner and the escalators are in better working order then the NYC subways. I think it is because they close down at night so it gets rid of anyone trying to sleep there and repairs are easier to preform. But there were at least two people at every station which was nice when I was dragging my box with the bike in it since they would always open the gate for me instead of just buzzing me through.
Since I was there early I tried to do some sight seeing on my own but being a single tourist is not fun. Since we had been there before I had a big problem of trying to find stuff that we had not seen before.
I am a strong believer in speaking the local language and British English is different then American English so I did try to use the proper words when talking with people. The problem was this led to me catching myself also starting to use an accent which I did not want to do for fear of sounding patronizing.

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