Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scandinavia 2008 - Dover, UK

(+51° 6' 42.97", +1° 19' 17.99")
L. and I agreed to meet up at the Dover train station because it seemed smaller and easier than anything in London. I left London earlier than I was going to because I couldn't think of anything else to see and took the train to Dover (£24 ~ $50). To kill time I walked my luggage down to our hotel. L. Still had not arrived so I walked into town and bought a bike pump since I forgot to bring one. She still had not arrived so I walked back to the hotel and checked into our room and retrieved my luggage and put it in there. When she still had not arrived I ran out of things to do so just sat at the train station and played games on my phone. It ends up the train on front of hers had locked up its breaks and she had to take a bus. It took an extra five hours for her to get there and was out of phone range the whole time. So as far as adventures on our trips this was thankfully a small hiccup. The next morning we could see our ship on the other side of the bay so we decided to walk. The thing is the ship was bigger than we thought and therefore looked closer and was actually about two miles away. My homemade bike suitcase didn't make it. One of the wheels jammed from coming loose so I ended up dragging it the last mile (between the bike and case it was exactly 50 pounds.) It wore though the tire and the first layer of fiberglass. When we made it to the ship hot, tired, and cranky. Knowing our luck there was a free shuttle from our hotel we just didn’t know about.

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