Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scandinavia 2008 - Riding Down the Parkway

We bought folding bikes for our cruise to ride through all the cities we visited. I wanted to make sure that these folding bikes could ride normally so we wouldn't be disappointed when it was to late. I am so used to things not fitting me it was nice to find a small folding bike that did. On Sundays during the summer from 10am-2pm they close one of the parkways close to where I like for bikes to enjoy the ride. A nice 14 mile loop sounds like the perfect test to me.
It was a beautiful ride there are trees everywhere so most of the ride is shaded. The weather was great though. It was supposed to rain starting around 1pm but since I was only doing one lap it was just nice and cloudy. This is an old section of parkway. I guess it was still back when the philosophy was to make the drive as beautiful as possible instead of just inexpensive. There are stone bridges over the river and a parks and forests are intertwined. Basically just being able to ride and enjoy the quiet of the bikes around me is what I had wanted to get out of the 5 boro bike tour.
So how did my folding bike perform? Great, actually. I was passing pretty much everyone that wasn't in full spandex riding gear and on a race bike. The thing that surprised me was how many comments I got about my bike. As I rode past groups or families I heard: "Wow, daddy what kind of bike is that?", lots of "Wow"'s and "Cool"'s, "I want a bike like that", and "How much did it cost". The one that caught me most off gaurd was hearing a girl actually spell out "L-O-L".
So this is a problem. I bought an orange bike to make it easier to be seen by traffic. The problem is that I stick out very much which is something that I don't want when being a tourist. Oh well I guess I have to take the bad with the good. Of course I know that bikes are much more ubiquitous in Europe so I am guessing so are folding bikes. I guess we will find out.
As a side note, I am all caught up! since being done with school I have been trying to catch up on posting things to this blog. Laziness, and time naturally passing has seemed like I never would. Hopefully I won't so far behind again.

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