Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cross Country 2007 - Ride to Pembroke

404 miles
Riding along the 14 was beautiful. It followed along the top of the great lakes for a while then a river for most of the day's ride. It always seemed like water was around the corner. This was defiantly a less used highway and we had the road to ourselves a lot of the time. People here were defiantly friendly. Every stop we made people were more then happy to talk.
We were rural enough that we started to have to watch how far it was to the next gas stop. In the vein of saving space my motorcycle did not come with a gas gauge, only a gas warning light. So I paid close attention to my odometer. In Canada I relied more on my tripometer. It was digital so easy to switch over to kilometers so that helped line it up with the signs to the next town. The problem came when the only gas station in town was closed down. In driving to the next town I was charting new territory on how far I could ride on a tank of gas but we made it without incident.
We had originally wanted to stop in Petawawa. If you have not heard of the town, neither had we. It was just in the right place to stop. However all the hotels in this small out of the way town were super expensive. My new job was paying for the move which meant that they would be paying for a few of these hotel stays. They did have a cap on the price though. So that means we decided to keep going, after another hour of riding we arrived in Pembroke. All the hotels ended up being pretty far off the main road. We found a hotel and went next door to a fast food joint for dinner. My friend, ever the writer starts up a conversation with the waitress and soon is taking pictures for reference for a book he is writing. We found some stuff on the menu that we didn't recognize and ordered it. It ended up being french fries covered with gravy and a corn dog. Greasy food does not go well with riding a motorcycle all day so we both fell asleep with nauseous stomachs.

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