Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cross Country 2007 - Ride to Duluth

374 miles
For our next stop we rode to Duluth to visit D.'s friend. It would not have been that interesting to take the freeway so it was highways the whole way. Green everywhere, and lots of small towns. Everyone at the gas stops seemed really excited for what we were doing though.
It just so happened that's D.'s friend was the owner of Aerostich, a major motorcycle company. I figure between visiting the Aerostich factory and Sturgis we were down pat for required things to do for a cross country-motorcycle trip.
D.'s friend showed us around Duluth. He was very proud of his city. D. had met him when he was writing an article about the company and they were both very much into classic BMW motorcycles so I felt very much to be the odd man out in a weird sort of way. Both of them really ganged up on me for mentioning that I wanted to sell my motorcycle.
We rested here for a day. Being able to wash clothes is nice when you only have one set of clothes to change into. (I have really small saddle bags with a lot of space taken with camping supplies.)

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