Thursday, August 11, 2005

Europe 2005 - Shocking sights

Cars pulling trailers- I am so happy to see such a lack of SUV's here. For summer vacation all the campers and boats are pulled by 4 cylinder engine cars. (roads go up to 12% grade here too.)

Hay trucks with 12 people- In Eastern Europe I am not sure if it was all the workers on top or the hay trucks functioning as a bus.

Family on a scooter- In Italy there was dad mom and kid quite a few times. Everyone rode scooters, even in formal wear.

Mr. potato on Berlin wall- along with the other art and graffiti he was there smiling away.

People carrying bags of marijuana past cops- As long as you were not smoking it rolling a joint was fine.

Beer bottle return when leaving the movie theater- must recycle.

Beer being on the menu at McDonalds- its funny to see how they adapted to the local culture.

A tank sitting on an overpass in Belgium- we later found out that the freeway split their army base and they have quite the problem with people attacking their embassies since a lot of international trials are at the Hague.

Sunflowers and sheep everywhere- there were sunflower fields and sheep grazing in every country we went to. Do people really use that much sunflower oil and wool?

Man smuggling cigarettes into Hungary- as more countries join the E.U. People have to drive farther east to find the duty free stores at the borders. Why someone would need to buy that much perfume or Swiss chocolate is beyond me.

Receipts with the full credit card number-about 60% of our receipts had our full card number on them. It was really annoying that we had to scratch it out so much. No wonder Europe is switching over to the smart cards.

All 6 feet of the head of head of the swordfish at the meat counter- we saw this 3 times along the way.

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