Thursday, August 11, 2005

Europe 2005 - More moments

There are less of them. We were getting more used to traveling that things did not shock us as much or burn out was starting to set in.
-Driving along the black sea coast.
-Getting our blood sucked by mosquitoes at the Romanian border.
-Driving though the night in Romania
-Picking which town Dracula must have feasted on as we looked out the castle windows.
-Singing "Blue Danube" as we walked on the bridge across the Danube river.
-Listening to the concert in Vienna.
-Walking along the Berlin wall.
-Driving on the Autobahn at top speed.
-Watching the bored prostitutes in Amsterdam.
-Looking at the marijuana growing in the Restaurant window in Amsterdam.
-Laughing at the "modern" E.U. building being closed because of Asbestos problems.
-Staring out to sea at Omaha beach.
-Watching the colors change on the Rouen cathedral.
-Looking straight up under the Eiffel tower.
-Listening to "the bells, the bells" at Notre Dame.
-Trying to decide if Mona Lisa was smiling.

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