Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Europe 2005 - Luxembourg

We didn't have anything to see in Luxembourg but I just have such a fascination with these tiny countries. L. was to tired to explore with me so she dropped me off in the city center and went back to the campground . You know the country is small when the city and country have the same name. So I heard everyone speaking French but the architecture reminds me more German with the black roofs with lots of cupola peaks. Luxembourg is a small enough city that it is easy to walk around. There are 2 bridges that the city is proud of that look very similar to “suicide bridge” in Pasadena, CA. and the city center felt just like old town Pasadena so I guess that's why I felt so at home just walking around. I walked the 3 miles back to our campground only making 2 wrong turns. That night we froze to death in our tent. This just did not feel like camping in August.

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