Thursday, August 11, 2005

Europe 2005 - Favorites

Gelato-me: crema or bannana, L.: lemon or chocolate

Yogurt- me: kiwi, the chunks of kiwi compliment the taste of yogurt well, L.: just like the fresh unprocessed taste of the unpasteurized yogurt.

tomatoes-Rome had the best taste, I guess they are called roma tomatoes for a reason

Pastry- me:flan in France (which is more like custard pie and not like Mexican flan) L.:-lemon tarts in France. Both- creme puffs in Hungary.

Place we most want to visit again-Switzerland, the people were just so nice and it was so relaxing.

Cheese- I honestly don't know. Half the time I couldn't read the label, sometimes I couldn't remember what we had. I guess I just liked so much variety we never had the same kind twice.

Favorite moment- sitting staring up at the Sistine chapel. But there are tons of close seconds.

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