Monday, August 15, 2005

Europe 2005 - Epilogue

The Paris-Toronto plane was late getting off the ground (broken luggage belt- 3rd for the trip) so we ran through 2 customs, and 2 terminals to arrive at our connecting flight at the very minute it was supposed to take off.
Lucky-plane was still there.
Unlucky-They had given away our seats.
Lucky-Free upgrade to first class.
Unlucky-Not enough food on the plane.

Whatever we made it home safely.
Driving around now, the roads are huge, all the buildings are so far from the road, and the freeways have 6 lanes again. (the most we saw there was 3) It it truly obvious that the USA culture expects you to arrive to your destination by car. Not to mention everyone is speaking English and no one asks where we are from.

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