Thursday, August 11, 2005

Europe 2005 - Countryside

We have definitely taken the scenic route during this trip. Each country has had a dominant flower that doesn't just dot the landscape but you will see fields that never end. Starting in England was supposed to be the thistle but I didn't see a lot of it. I did see a field of lavender and strangely enough red and white poppies. These poppies were fully open even in the windy, rainy, cold weather, so I guess California poppies are just wimpy. There was also these bright yellow bushes that I think were St. John's Wart. The flower I have seen the most of are hollyhocks, they have been everywhere.
In Greece there were of course plenty of olive groves.
The winner is the sunflower! Every country has had giant fields of sunflowers. The bright yellow fields that roll out of sight over the hills are beautiful.

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