Sunday, July 24, 2005

Europe 2005 - Universal truths

In the places we have traveled we have found certain truths to transcend any culture.
-Anywhere a car can fit is considered a parking space by the locals.
-Anywhere a scooter can fit is considered a valid path of travel at full speed by the locals.
-No matter how detailed your map is it will not have the street you are on when you are lost.
-Women TV news/weatherpeople have blonde hair. It does not matter if that is a genetic trait for the area.
-Planned communities of homes will always give you 3 choices to paint your house.
-Kids will always whine in a store/shop/market/stalls if they are not bought something.
-"The Simpsons" humor is understood by every culture.
-No matter where you travel you will find a McDonalds and Coca cola. (I think they are waiting for the population to grow before they can expand.)
-Bread + jam = included breakfast.
-Every store and private merchant is always having a 50% off sale.
-infomercials are in every culture, have paid audiences, and are complete scams. (so far the best is the belt that makes you loose weight by sweating.)
-rest stops and gas stations are only there when you do not need them.
-Gas is expensive no matter where it is bought or with what type of money is used or how the exchange rate works out.
-girl in bikini + product = advertising (even in Turkey )
-no matter how remote the site being visited, or how many horse drawn carts you passed on the way in someone’s cell phone will always ring while you are there. (which is funny if you are a fan of “Trigger-happy” and it is the Nokia ring.)

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