Saturday, July 02, 2005

Europe 2005 - Spain

We didn't spend that much time in Spain but the stuff that we did see were part of the reason for making this trip in the first place. It was kind of frustrating that after spending so much time in France where I spoke only about 10 words that while we were in Spain where I could carry a simple conversation in Spanish everyone spoke English that we came in contact with. Driving in Barcelona was bad for finding our way around. There in the main road down the center, this has a slower road on each side and a parking road outside of that. this made for 5 different roads all separated by a cement divider. It was easy to drive as long as you didn't want to turn and GPS was useless since it kept mistaking which of these parallel roads we were on and recalculating the route, in other words it was stay frozen up then start talking random directions.
We finally found the the Church of Sangria Familia (church of the sacred family).when I was little I remember a National Geographic episode that showed this church that just defied any rules that all the other churches follow and got me interested in different types of architecture. Since it is still under construction it is mainly a bunch of bizarre looking spires, and as soon as I saw it on one of the travel shows I recognized it immediately as the same church that I had seen 20 years ago. To give you an idea the architect that designed it is named Gaudi. He is the one that people started the term gaudy by using his name.
I also had to see the Dali museum. Dali built a museum for his paintings out of an old theater in his home town. It is as bizarre as Dali's works and really adds to the whole impact of seeing the pieces of art in the setting the artist wanted.

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