Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Europe 2005 - Monaco

On the way to Italy we stopped in Monaco. It is another mountain town were it is easier to get your bearings by elevation rather then location. Admittedly we visited just to put another country under our belt since there is no way we have enough money to really do anything there. (the country only has 5000 citizens and they are having to move out because they can't afford to live there either.) We walked around for a bit and went through the mall looking for a souvenir, which was a big mistake since we were not looking for anything by Prada. The casino has a dress code and bouncers to enforce it. After we had walked around enough we decided to leave. This is where the problems started. I made one wrong turn that sent us up the mountain side through Monte Carlo with no where to turn around. For a country that only has 2 square kilometers it took us an hour to get out of it. After thinking I had made the loop back to the main road I had instead gone in a complete circle. I was frustrated to the point of starting to think that all the roads were going in a circle to trap tourists and the GPS was no help because it had crashed when Leslie tried to switch it back from the Italy map so badly that the phone had to be restored from backup on the memory card. By the time we found the freeway we thought it was an amusing thought that the decided to put a freeway where only mountain goats should roam. I guess we chalk this one up to getting to see ALL of Monaco.

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