Thursday, July 21, 2005

Europe 2005 - Moments

L. and I have been planning travel to Europe since we got married, "just right after we were done with school". That kept taking longer and longer and it is surreal to finally be here. We keep having those moments that we just look at each other as the realization of where we are or what we are doing. Here is the partial list so far.
* Getting asked how many camels my wife is worth.
* Getting lost and ending up in Asia.
* Swimming in the Mediterranean.
* Looking out the hotel window and seeing the parthenon lit up at night.
* Trying to explain symptoms to buy cold medicine in Naples.
* Getting lost walking on 2000 year old streets of Pompeii.
* Giggling in the Sistine chapel.
* Eating gelato sitting on the stairs of the Pantheon.
* Resting on a column head in the coliseum.
* Eating lunch on the lawn in front of the leaning tower of pisa.
* Reading "The Lion the witch and the wardrobe" out loud to each other in the tent.
* Getting accused of staring at "David's" butt.
* Riding on a boat in Venice.
* Sledding on a glacier in the Swiss alps.
* Reading about the London bombings while walking through Interlaken.
* Looking at price tags at the mall in Monte Carlo.
* Listening to the ocean from our tent on the French Rivera.
* Eating lunch on the beach in Spain surrounded by topless women.
* Climbing the stairs for the towers of sangria familia.
* Kayaking past a medieval village in France.
* Watching "Batman returns" in French.
* Choosing among the hundreds of flavors from 4 isles of yogurt.
* Seeing L.'s bag after 48 hours of waiting in the airport.
* Getting a parking ticket in Windsor.
* Staring out at the other side of the Atlantic ocean in St. Ives England.
* Using the wrong directions and driving through an open range of sheep.
* Driving right past stonehenge on the freeway.
* Having the steam from the water in Bath, England help clear up asthma.
* Climbing the city wall in York.
Staring out over the castle wall onto the Loch Ness.
Getting in a fight over who got who lost looking to the GPS to settle the argument only to have the GPS crash so no one can find their way again.
* Wandering through Mary Kings close and looking up to see a buildings floor.
*Reading the "join the IRA" mural in Belfast.
* Staring at the firing point where all the traitors were shot in killarney jail in Dublin.
* Wandering around the destroyed abbey in Cashel in a cow field.
* Learning to drive on the left through the mountain roads of the ring of Kerry.
* Exploring the dungeons of Blarney castle with flashlights.
* Eating at an Indian restaurant in Cork.
* Standing on the Prime Meridian in Greenwich.
* Walking backwards on the conveyer belt to get a better look at the crown jewels.
* Singing "Portobello road" from "Bed knobs and Broomsticks" while looking at shops down Portobello road.
* Listening to Handel's Messiah while looking at the original score.
* Staring at the Rosetta stone.
* Going to a comedy show and not getting half the jokes in London.
* Running into someone I knew outside the British museum.
* Walking along the Thames river and coming across "big Ben".
* Staying up all night trying to get rid of the jet lag before leaving.