Friday, July 15, 2005

Europe 2005 - Forgotten items

Andorra-I don't know why but the food for the country seems like you are far away from everything. All the food at the restaurant was good but it tasted like it was all been preserved in some way. (Potatoes and ham was canned and the asparagus was from a jar.) While shopping they did not sell fresh milk or eggs. I guess they irradiate the eggs since they were all still in the shell, and the milk must be bottled before pasteurizing. Since we could not find any cold milk for cereal we bought what we thought was strawberry milk but ended up getting liquid yogurt (kefir, they call it Yop.) it tasted good still since the yogurt so far does not have the sour after-taste since it is not pasteurized. The milk in a box has come in handy though since we don't have to buy it the morning we are having cereal. It tastes the same which is weird since room temperature milk usually tastes different.
Switzerland-changing elevation so quickly by train gave both of us altitude sickness. We both got headaches and felt like lifetime smokers since we were out of breath at the top of all the many staircases. It was funny to see all the warning signs that just said to walk slowly. Driving in Switzerland was different. The drivers there were so polite to the point of it was almost dangerous if you were used to normal driving. Instead of toll roads they have an annual sticker you have to buy. L. and I both commented on how we liked the lack of toll roads but I forgot about the sticker until we were leaving. Luckily we were able to buy one before crossing over into Italy since there was a guard checking at the border and it is a 100 franc fine and you still have to buy the 40 franc sticker. Switzerland was the one place where the exchange rate favored us. One Swiss franc is about $0.80.

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