Saturday, July 09, 2005

Europe 2005 - Driving

Spending so much time in the car (average of 4 hours a day) and you start trying to think of stuff. L. and I have taken up the habit of trying to figure out where we are looks like compared to places we have been. Durham, England looks like it belongs in Durham, North Carolina and the French Rivera looks like Laguna Beach and so on. A variation on this is something we would do on our cross country trips. As we drive we have a contest to find the most dilapidated building and declare "let's live there".
There are a lot of cars here that are not in the USA. There is such a wide variety of small cars that when I do see one that they sell in the USA it catches me off guard. We have taken up critiquing the car symbols. (Peugeot looks like a zombie lion, Vauxhall looks like a lion playing golf, and who in their right mind would have a car company named Seat.) it is really amusing to see Mercedes busses and Volvo bulldozers. The small smart cars are everywhere and I think they would even be a smart idea in a city as crowded as Pasadena since they are small enough to park perpendicular instead of parallel.
One mistake that we made is that we waited until France to buy a atlas of Europe so all the maps are in French. Makes for interesting driving.

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