Thursday, July 21, 2005

Europe 2005 - Budget

For some $100 a day seems extravagant others probably think it is impossible. While that was the target it had been closer to $180 a day since the exchange rate is killing us. The reason why we are trying to travel so cheaply is that the last trip we made like this to China we ended up buying a lot of cheap stuff that added up on our credit cards. We were trying to pull off this trip as little of that as possible. The way that our regular day breaks down paying for 2 people is (all prices are in Euro which equals $1.20):
Lodging- if camping 20-30, hotel 70-80, hostel 40-60
Breakfast- grocery store 10-15
Lunch-restaurant 20-30
Dinner-grocery store 12-20
Gas 20-30
Tolls 10-20
Entrance fees 10-40
Souvenirs 10
Daily sundries 10

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