Saturday, June 11, 2005

Europe 2005 - We made it

Well we are here. After a little problem of lost luggage (that delayed us in the airport for 5 hours) we are now walking the streets of london (after spending 20 hours in airports and planes). I don't think that L. or I have ben hit with the fact that we are on vacation yet and can just relax. After school and getting ready for this trip for so long when we finally got out of the airport we realized that we had planned everything up to this point and had not decided any type of order for what to see first. With the lingering jet lag and not wanting to be cooped up we just decided to see what we could see walking around. Using the "tube" is so easy to get around, in the first day we walked the Millennium bridge, Tate Modern museum, the London eye, and a Dali museum. When we walked under one of the bridges along the Thames river it hit me that we were in London when we saw "Big Ben" and the house of Parliament.
London is a lot more familiar then I thought it would be. Yes cars on the wrong side of the road catches me off guard but they paint on the road for all the intersections to "look right" or “look left” to help you. In all reality it didn't take that long to get used to it since I am used to walking in Los Angeles or Pasadena with the one way roads where you have to look the other way. We have experienced the language barrier a little early. While buying our lunch I was told that it cost twunteen an' pound. thinking it was just the accent I asked him to repeat it and he said the same thing. I gave him 10 pounds and he asked for 2 more. So if anyone out there knows why twunteen means 12 then let me know. Something that is funny is the the only thing that is in the US that is universally metric - 2 liters of soda- is still sold in 2 liters here but a still a different shaped bottle (tall and skinny for the smaller 'fride I guess) I just thought it funny that the only thing that has the possibility of saving money on international packaging for coke or pepsi and it is still different. Well we have another day of walking ahead of us so thanks for looking at this post.
Sorry I can't upload any pictures, they have wireless here at the hostel that we are staying at but for some reason my phone cant connect to it correctly, and the computer that I am using does not have any USB.


Teej said...

I know someone who was once five hours late for arriving at an airport. The question that was not answered is: Did you recover your lost luggage?

teej said...

Darn canadians