Thursday, June 23, 2005

Europe 2005 - Turn Off the Main Road

Well today was one of those days that just make for telling travel stories about. It was pouring today and of course the "car park" that can be used overnight was about a half mile from the hostel. We were drenched by the time that we got to the car. I am still sick with whatever have so I was weezing the whole way with asthma that I have never had before. Once at the car one of the tires are flat. The tire was low when we got the car and we had filled it up the night before so there was a slow leak but there is no way that they would believe it was not our fault since we have already put on about 500 miles. We get thr tire re-inflated at the gas station and go to a tire place to get it patched. Aparently who ever had the car before us drove on the flat for a while so the inside is shot so we have buy a new tire instead.(I got the highest insurance but there is still a 75 pound deductabe so we would have to pay anyway.
the first destination was one of the castles that claim to be king arthurs castle. Instead of making a whole vacation out of visiting castles that claim to be king arthurs we chose one that had different achitecture from other castles we are seeing- this one was made of stacked slate. (there have been castles about every 20 miles on the road here, we chould have spent our entire time just with that.) This castle was quite a walk down some cliffs then up some more and when we got there we realized we didn’t pull out any money for the dayand did not have enough to get in.(luckily they took credit cards-can't have bad luck all day.) We then headed to our hostel but I entered st. Ive instead of st. Ives and so started the wild goose chase. The GPS kept telling us to turn onto smaller and smaller roads until it finally said turn off the main road to the right. It was a dirt road that was so narrow that the mirrors on both sides were wacking leaves. the brush on both sides of the road was so overgrown that it looked like a solid plants with the road cut through the center, but it still showed up as a normal road for the GPS. We also had the fun of driving on an "open range" road right through the center of a sheep field. When we did finally get to the destination it was st. Ive st. out in the middle of nowhere.
As luck would have it we were not to far from the city and only had to drive another 60 miles. The rain from the morning had flooded the city next to us and had knocked out power and phones but not where we were staying. So we checked into the hostel after driving around and seeing it by accident. (like a lot of other places it does not have an address as a lot of the roads do not have names, and trying to give directions is near impossible. It was simply listed as city centere.)
After all that it was nice to take a walk along the beach (atlantic ocean, other side.) and relax for a while. Which is good that we were relaxed since it was really terrible to find out that the thing that we dove down there to see was closed the next day.(We arrived Friday night and I did a bad job sceduling since St. Michaels mount is closed on Saturdays). I guess today is for chalking up to one more story to tell.

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