Sunday, June 12, 2005

Europe 2005 - Religious Experience

We did not have the London library on our list of things to see but after reading about it in the guide book we knew that we had to go. There are original scores there from Handel, Beethoven, and Mozart. Seeing all the scribbled out notes was nice to see that even the masters had to try a few times to get t right. The only handwriting that we could read out of the authors was for “Alice in Wonderland”. Now this trip also had parts that I just had to deal with, the 1st print of Shakespeare and the only copy of Beowulf reminded how much trouble I had with those in high school- just kidding.
I would have to say that one of the things that was looking forward to the most was going to the National Art Museum in London. There are more pictures there that L. and I studied in our art history classes then anywhere else. It was close to an religious experience getting to see them in person. There is just to many paintings there and we were just to tired to get around to them all so L and I made a list of the ones important to us and played a big game of hide and seek with the paintings. Since no pictures are allowed we bought post cards of them.
After all the running around we headed over to Piccadilly circus for some dinner and instead ran into opening night for “Batman Begins”. Complete with red carpet, movie stars and the Batmobile there is no way for us to escape Hollywood; Ahhhhhh. While here leslie and I have not seen any advertising for movies that were not American, with what appears to be about a couple of month delay. But for all the US influence I actually find it funny how much I like listening to the radio here. There is more rotation between music now and the older stuff as opposed to radio in the US where it seems they are pushing the same 10 songs every half hour.

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