Sunday, June 05, 2005

Europe 2005 - Our Lucky Day

Yesterday we continued our graduation celebration by going to the company Picnic at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The tickets were only $8 so we gathered together a group of 9 family members to go with us. We all had a great day and are now very exhausted! This was my mom's first time to ride on any kind of fast, looping roller coasters. She went on Batman and on Viper! We have a great picture of her smiling in terror on Viper!
Every year the company has an employee raffle and the prizes are usually pretty good! Well, we won this year and the prize couldn't have been more perfect for us! It is a $1,000 World Travel Gift Certificate! Can you believe how lucky that is. Now maybe we can stay in a hotel or two instead of staying in group hostels and camping every night!
We are in the final stages of preparations for the trip, only 4 days until we leave! I am so excited and still in disbelief that we are actually doing this!

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Kayak said...

Congrats to both on the ELN prize and to Mr. B on finally getting that dang diploma. Hard to believe we've been acquainted through your entire college career -- I kinda feel like a frat buddie -- hazing being tier 1 tech support.

Gotta admit, I'm pretty excited about you two kids getting out of here and on the road. I've been hearing about this trip for quite some time as well, and if your sabbatical offers the same kind of life altering changes that mine did, you are in for some wild times.

Just be safe --- what, who am I kidding. Look who I'm writing to.

Don't suppose there are any manatees in Europe?