Friday, June 17, 2005

Europe 2005 - Not All Suger-plums and Fairies

So if anyone was reading this and was getting all mad since our trip has just been swimmingly then this is for you. I don't want to sugar coat the problems we have run into. This way you can hate us for complaining about piddley little things.
Allergies: They have been worse for me now than I can ever remember. When the pharmacist says wow when you walk in because my eyes were so red I know there is a problem (especially when they normally say "lovely" to everything.)
day time hours: sunset is at 10:30 and twilight till 11. Jet lag is bad but with it staying light so long it really just made it last longer.

Walking: L. has bad feet and I have a bad back, the mind is willing but the body wants to sit down.

Spelling: as you can see my spelling is not my strong point. There is no spell check with the Internet cafes and Im on vacation so please take that into consideration when tripping over these posts.

Shopping: Apparently they do not believe in paper napkins or plastic spoons and knives. Living out of the grocery store is harder without these so it makes following our budget harder.

Hostels: Week 1 is over and its time for laundry. Trying to wash laundry in the sink does not work here in Ireland (everything is green for reason- nothing dries.)
breakfast included at the hostels means toast and jam. (free butter)

I know, all small things, and nothing really that can't be fixed. but at least all those out there in Internet land will get a good laugh. The only major problem that we cant seem to surmount is uploading pictures. Which is the main reason why this website exists ( to back up pictures to) so I am looking for a faster connection that can handle me uploading a couple of gigs of pictures (250 pictures in one week) maybe midnight at an internet cafe so that it is not so full. Until then all I can do is posts.
As they say here - cheers


teej said...

Don't worry; I've let the spelling thing slide.
maybe you are simply allergic to the British Isles? Get to the continent and let us know if it is still bad.
Bummer about the pics, though. Hope you don't lose anything.

OKDad said...

Obviously you're not picking your nose enough, which in turn is letting all that CLEAN Dublin air particulates linger in your system.

Pick plenty and you'll be fine.

Take a bath in Scotland if you can. A bath, not a shower. You'll love the color of the water.