Sunday, June 19, 2005

Europe 2005 - Living in Ireland

Shopping-Ireland is fanatical about recycling. There is a 15 cent recycling charge on plastic bags and we could not find paper napkins or plates until we reached Dublin and they were only in the party section.

Radio- coming from Los Angeles most of the morning radio shows are inane crap about which celebrity slept with who. In Ireland the radio morning shows were about getting good child care with both parents working and should over weight people be shamed like chain smokers.

Internet- The original plan for this web site was for 2 reasons. To back up my pictures from the camera and my personal journal posts from this phone. So many people asked to stay in touch that I decided to take the journal into a blog since I am to lazy to write people. Just as a warning though since it is my journal there will be biased political opinions, you can disagree, that’s fine, I encourage it but that is your opinion. (I edited a lot out of the Belfast comment and it just took to long. So far the posting part has worked OK as I just type up the posts on my phone save them to a memory chip and upload from an internet cafĂ©. The problem as everyone knows is the pictures.

Phone-we bought a sim card for 10 Euros that came with 7 Euros of free time. There is no where that I can think of in the USA that it costs $3-4 to sign up for a phone provider, plus all incoming calls are free so no worrying about making sure somebody is on the same network.

The facilities- I don't know if its just caused by driving on the left side of the road but the hot and cold water are switched too, and the light switch is switched down to turn on.

Hostels- When we booked the hostels we tried to get ones with a free breakfast to save money. Little did we know that at most of them the breakfast consisted of toast and tea, so I have been eating a lot of toast while here.

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