Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Europe 2005 - Kissed the Blarney Stone I Guess It's Time For a Post

Kissed the Blarney, Stone I guess its time for a post!
We are now in Ireland. We are planning for a drive up through Ireland ending in Belfast before flying to Scotland.
Blarney castle was cool. I felt like a little kid exploring the dungeons and caves beneath the castle. It was a good thing that L. and I had lights because it got dark fast down there. But the real reason anyone goes of course to kiss the same rock as everyone else. We heard one person exclaim that it tastes like chicken.
Since we are now in Ireland that means driving, and that means driving on the left side of the road. I didn't have trouble driving on the left since I'm used to one way roads. I had been paying attention to the road signs for our 4 days of walking in London so deciphering European signs was not bad. It took me about 4 hours or so to get used to the driver being on the right side of the car (it messes with your ability to keep the car in the center of the lane. I used a tip I read to line up the road with a sticker on the windshield and keep it there.) the hardest part is the narrowness of the lanes. There were some times that I had one tire on the center line and one tire on the edge of the road line and this was in our big mid-size car: a ford focus. The speed limit is 100 KPH (about 63 mph) but I was driving around 70 and pulling over when I could to let the locals pass. These roads would be considered mountain passes or the turning and driveways for the width. By the end of the day I got to enjoying them but I fully understand why european cars have tighter suspension.

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Cool. Watch out for leprechuans!