Sunday, June 26, 2005

Europe 2005 - Finishing up in Britain

Stonehenge was a lot cooler then I thought it would be. You can see it as you are driving by on the highway, but it was like my mind would not except it that it really was Stonehenge. When I was little and really into dragons and knights and stuff, Stonehenge was a seemed like a remnant of that time, the half fake, half real stuff. So I decided then that I wanted to see it. So 20 years later I made good on that idea and it really still felt like it carried some of the unknown for me (maybe 20 years of anticipation.) For Summer Solstice we heard that there was a big party and they had built a replica of stonehenge made from Styrofoam of when it was new. We looked but was already gone but we decided to get up before sunrise and watch the sun rise in line with all the main stones.(what's 5 days off for the alignment.) the problem was that there were to many clouds so there was no sun until that evening. The up side is that we got to see some of the local druids do they're sunrise ceremony.(walking in a circle, banging a drum.)
While wandering around the local town looking for dinner we came across the local celebration (the waiter told us it was their carnival.) It consisted of a parade with all the floats being semi trucks. Each one decorated as how carnival is celebrated in different parts of the world. (example- Mardi Gras was a bunch of kids wearing beads.) the part that I thought was a good idea was that each float had a whatever group it was with buckets (be it girl scouts, lions club or fire fighters) with buckets. As they walked by people would put money in them. So it was a big fundraiser for all the groups. All the little kids got the biggest kick out of having a stack of 2 pence and making the adults bend over so they could put it in their buckets.

Brighton-We needed a place close to the airport to sleep so we decided to stay in England's resort town. It has a beach but it is all pebbles and no sand. The pier reminded me exactly of Santa Monica with the roller coasters and atmosphere.

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