Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Europe 2005 - Driving South Through England

It has been nice if not a little expensive as compared to gas in the USA. We have only seen 1 billboard (McDonalds painted the side of a truck. However for 2 people it was about half as expensive as getting the train tickets. We stopped in York for the night and I swear that town is a postcard. It comes complete with ye old city wall that you can walk around and city streets too narrow for cars that are paved with cobblestone. It was fantasyland at Disneyland. (I realize that we will see many more cities like this.) I found it amusing that the city of York is just north of the city of jersey just like New York and New Jersey. There are many other cities that we recognize the names of for some reason or other. Some middle school history lesson long since relegated to the subconscious, other towns like Portishead help explain band names.
The Cotswolds is a central area of England that supposedly was to poor to modernize so it left it as a sleepy little sheep town. We have seen more sheep everywhere here so I am guessing the bottom fell out of the market for wool a couple hundred years ago for them. (actually there are so many sheep here, 10 to 1 for cows, we have no idea where the wool goes.) We stayed in the city of stow-in-the-wold since my allergies were to bad to continue ( in hind sight it was most likely something in the Cotswolds that I was allergic to.) I could tell that there was the people that had lived there for generations but there was just to many golf courses, Mercedes, and mansions trying to look like the old stone houses of the rich people that moved there to get away from it all. I felt it was more over rated compared to the guidebook, and is the only place where I have encountered rude drivers that would not slow down on the narrow roads.
We are in the city of Bath. Yes, as in Roman baths, and birthplace of the name “bath”. That is the main attraction here. There are hot springs that empty into lead lined pools that are still water proof 1900 years later complete with lead piping to feed the Jacuzzi tub. Yes, I am serious.

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