Thursday, May 26, 2005

Europe 2005 - School is over- time celebrate

With my finals over I would like to help all those people out there in how to become a perpetual student in college like I did!

1. Change majors- especially like me that I changed from an art major (industrial design) to science major (computer science) almost none of the pre-requisites transfer through so you get all the fun of questioning what this class has to do with your major twice.
2. Change schools- Anyone that has changed schools know that they all have the same policy, sorry we don't accept most credits from other schools but we're sure that everyone will accept all the credits that you earn here. It only took me 3 schools to learn this.
3. Change States- or even better be like me and move to a state, wait the year to get residency status then move back where even though you just lived there a couple of years ago you get to wait another year to get residency back.
4. Junior College- After 3 years I was able to transfer in as a sophomore, time well spent.
5. Wait after High School- I waited a few years to start school after high school. In high school, my senior year if I had failed the final I still would have got a B in math. Now in college the math classes were the bane of my existence.
6. taking math classes from Cal-tech teachers- Taking math classes at Pasadena City College means having the same world class teachers as Cal-tech. Thats great if math is your life, otherwise your brains function differently and communication is not possible.

total time: 7 years. I guess that is not bad since the average computer science major is 6 years.
So now that school is over I am doing the most passe thing possible- going to europe. Still as someone that is still very interested in art this trip is something I have been planning since I started college.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Europe 2005 - Equipment

A lot of people ask how we are going to make it around for 2 months, so here is the stuff we bought for this trip in hopes that it will work. Famous last words I know.

Phone: HP iPaq 6300.
Built in bluetooth for GPS and loaded maps I bought on eBay, WIFI for surfing for our next place to stay for the night and uploading these posts. I’ll be typing the posts from the thumb keyboard shown so please don’t get mad for lack of capitalization or spelling typos.

GPS: GlobalSat BT-335.
Looks like a little gray lump and supposedly good enough to get signal inside of buildings. we will see. I'll be happy if we do not look like tourists with a map stretched out in the car while we drive. It connects to the phone through the Bluetooth.

Camera: Konica-Minolta dImage A2.
I finally broke down and bought a digital camera. Up to this point I had been using the crappy one built into video camera. It seems like they finally have it to the point of an SLR camera so I am happy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Europe 2005 - Up and Running

Well because of all the requests from people (it really amazes me that people really want to see vacation photos) this trip is going to have a blog.
First off- what is with the name? Well my friend D. and I both like to travel a lot so we wanted to create a site for it. That was a few years back and still nothing. Maybe now that school is done I will have some time to put something together... until then at least it is a familiar web address for this blog.
This post is mainly to make sure everything is working, more posts will follow.