Thursday, April 05, 2001

China 2001 - Train Ride

The train ride down to Xian was interesting because of the people we met. There were a lot of backpackers. I met with some from Germany, France, Australia, and one lady from California. On the way down we got the top bunk so there was only enough room to sleep up there so we spent most of our time sitting on fold out seats. One of the men on the middle bunk was the marketing person for a Beijing dairy farm. He had lived in Kansas for a year learning the trade so he spoke very good English. What he did was take the train from place to place and sell bull semen and embryos to the farmers in China that he had bought in the U.S. He had a nice big jug of semen frozen in liquid nitrogen. I looked through his catalog. It had pictures of each bull along with the stats of milk and protein of his average offspring. L. and T.J. were both used to living near train tracks so they slept fine but for me each time the train stopped it sounded like a train wreck because the cars were knocking into each other. It was a 13-hour train ride but most of it was at night. When we arrived in the morning people had climbed onto the train to offer us hotels, drivers, and tour guides. We were lucky that we already had all that taken care of since things like return tickets can't be bought until you are already there.

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