Saturday, April 07, 2001

China 2001 - Olympics

I was there while china was trying to convince the IOTC to give them the 2008 Olympics. Here are some of the things that they did to make their city acceptable. The hutongs are groups of buildings, hundreds of years old. If they are to run down and near a highway that the IOTC might pass by they are torn down' and all the surrounding buildings are painted the international colors. Don't know what the international colors? I didn't know either but according to what china told their people they need to paint their city in white with blue stripes, gray, forest green, pink, or baby blue before the IOTC could approve the city for the Olympics. Hutongs would get torn out and trees planted, so there are now these fields of sticks waiting to grow branches and leaves when it starts raining here in the fall. Along the toll road where these huge posters of pretty flowers and fields blocking the view of run down parts of the city; but the placement was so obvious. In February they turned off the heat of all the people in the center of the city for 3 weeks to try to get some of the smog to settle to the ground. There are already hundreds of billboards everywhere advertising like they already have the nomination. It reminds me of when I was living in Utah when they got the bid for the 2002 winter Olympics. The obvious corruption that came out of that one I am sure is here at work. When I was living in Los Angeles it was a completely different feeling of the city being awarded instead of this surety that I see everywhere now. But the people really want the Olympics. They like sports and their Olympic teams are something to be proud of.

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