Tuesday, April 03, 2001

China 2001 - The Forbidden City

This really is a city, with 999 rooms. Even still it seem like I would go stir crazy being stuck inside this place all the time. Back when this place was still in use it must have been a crazy task to try to locate someone, no phones, no PA system. Everywhere there seems to be something in the architecture to suggest the power and hugeness of the emperor. It really was awe-inspiring. The only problem was that with it being only for the emperor and the workers it’s grandeur was wasted on only building the egos of royalty. Europe has Marie Antoinette as their pinnacle of living in an allusion. The beauty and all encompassing architecture must have had a heyday on the grip of reality royalty had that lived here. As more pomp and circumstance separates the rulers from the ruled it seems that it is always a good sign that their reign is coming to an end no matter what the country.
We wandered around for hours and still only saw about two thirds of the part that is open to the public. Courtyard inside courtyard, they really are beautiful, but not knowing enough of Chinese superstition and ritual I didn’t know the purpose for a lot of ornate architecture and layout. The more studied, the more enjoyed I guess.
The house of clocks was a whole set of buildings that where dedicated to just housing the clocks that were given to China by other countries.

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