Sunday, April 01, 2001

China 2001 - Church

There are 5 official religions here in China that people are allowed to attend. The churches are not allowed to follow any authority outside of china. The church L.'s aunt and uncle are took us to is not one of them. However since I am a foreigner we are allowed to worship as long as no China nationals are allowed in. When we arrived, at the office building where they were renting a meeting room in, they checked our passports. We all received stickers to wear to prove that we were not from China and could therefore attend church. The meeting was in English but during the songs I heard people singing in both English and Chinese making for a interesting twist for songs that I had heard a hundred times. There were maybe 50 people there, mostly American businessmen with their families. For our other meetings we all grabbed one of the office chairs that we were in and wheeled them into another room for our other meetings. In one the meetings along with church announcements we heard basketball scores and after church there was a lively discussion on the fastest way to get a package through customs.

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