Friday, January 07, 2000

Florida 1999 - New Orleans

On our way home we decided that to stop at New Orleans since neither of had been there, and since we had slept in the car so much we "pampered" ourselves with a nice hotel room. What we did is what I would suggest to others visiting the city, visit the French quarter all day, because some parts of the city can get a little scary at night. (This coming from someone who spent a lot of time in Los Angeles.) The architecture there is very interesting. There is the problem though that the whole city was built on a swap. All the building are sinking. We heard commercials for foundation restoring companies on the radio. All the sidewalks are cracked and most are disintegrating. I saw a very interesting thing while walking; there was a crew of about 5 men each with a hammer pounding on the ironwork in front of a house. I looked carefully and I saw that they were straightening out the iron so that you could not tell the house was slightly crooked. The food there is interesting and I recommend the French donuts that they have there called benieghts (Ben-yaehs) this is also the fist time that I have had crawfish.

    Since the city is below sea level and a swap the graves were all above ground.  I recommend going to see the ornate family mausoleums. 
The drive home
After leaving New Orleans we drove straight home switching drivers when we got tired. This trip lasted more then three weeks and even though I changed the oil right before leaving I still had to change it on the trip and is now in need of changing again. Putting more the 8,000 miles on my car, which I might add drove the whole way flawlessly and was back to normal after a detailed car wash and a lot of air freshener to get rid of the mildew. I didn't get to use all the toys that I bought like the GPS, but then again we didn’t go exploring for any deserted islands, and in some cases it was just buried somewhere in the car I could not find. I was assured there would be hundreds of lobster down there. Beside the giant 2 story tall one the only real one I saw was mounted to a wall for display. All in all it was a great trip and I saw some amazing stuff that will stay with me for quite a while, and I do plan to go back... I have to use the free coupon of course.

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