Wednesday, January 05, 2000

Florida 1999 - My Brother's House

Now I must admit that if you are one of my co-workers reading this or just came across this website, this section may be boring and you might want to skip down to New Orleans. I had never visited my brother in North Carolina. In the 8 or so years that they had lived there we had always depended on them to drive out to visit us. I felt a little rude just calling up to say, hey we're coming over, but they assured us it was OK. Now a warm shower and a soft bed are the kind of things usually taken for granted, but we enjoyed them greatly. D. had just gotten a new Dreamcast machine for an early Christmas present and I must admit that I played that a little more then I probably should have, but I was just visiting with D. while playing, yeah that’s it. Anyway D. wanted to show us around to prove what a beautiful place they lived. They took us to Duke University, downtown Raleigh and a lot of restaurants. After living there D. is a full-fledged Carolinian now and is proud of his state.

    L. and I had been kind of touristed out so we all went bowling together and had a lot of fun doing that even though all of our scores were awful. At the bowling alley there was a game of milking the cow, pulling the right udder when it lit up.  Of course we had to try it, and no matter what D. says, I will never let him live it down that he lives in a farm community. D.'s kids are growing fast and a lot more friendly then I would have been with an uncle that I had only seen four times, and we were sorry to leave.

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