Sunday, December 26, 1999

Florida 1999 - Underwater at the Fort

   One problem that I kept running into is that seeing all this beautiful stuff underwater made me smile. This is not a good thing to do underwater because it breaks the seal on the mask and lets water in. I just got into the habit of clearing my mask of water every time I turned my head. The worst part about this was that I had gone to a lot of trouble to find a mask that fit my face perfectly. Another problem that I had was my mustache that grew qhile there; try as I might, it did let water in. The second day that we were there, like the ranger said, the wind did kick up, and while it did turn the water from a sky blue to emerald green it didn’t do to good for the air temperature or water visibility. This did not deter us from snorkeling. As soon as you got used to the water it felt warmer to be in the water then out of it. The only problem is that none of us had prepared for ANY cold weather. D. did not even bring pants. The reason for this is because the whole time we were in Key West we were sweltering, jumping in the water just for relief from the humidity. I do not recommend taking kayaks out to the islands. There are other islands close by but they are so close by (30-40 feet) that we swam to them. The other islands were to far away because of distance and a current between them. So for most of the time our kayaks just sat in the beach. An interesting thing to do at the fort was just to walk around the moat. The inside is very shallow and has a lot of plants to look at.

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