Sunday, January 02, 2000

Florida 1999 - Mangroves

Geiger Key
    We went here to kayak through mangrove trees. I thought that this was the second coolest thing that was done on the trip. It is like being able to go through the swaps with out the mesquites or alligators. (Both of them not liking sea water.) This is where we realized that all the plants that we had seen in the moat at the fort were really jellyfish like animals. Since the water was so shallow here, three feet at the deepest points, it was impossible not to stir up these animals with the eddies created by the paddles. The best way to describe it is that when the paddle stirred them up off the bottom these flower type jellyfish would flutter like a jellyfish until right side up then sink to the bottom again. We saw crabs that climbed in the trees, and lots of different fish then when snorkeling at the fort.

Everything that looks like a plant here is really a jellyfish sitting in the sand.
I pulled my kayak up to the roots and took a pictures to show how tangled the roots really were.
The water was so shallow I had to lean back, well that and I was lazy.
Some of the passages got so narrow that paddles could not be used.

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